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Hi I'm Mae and I have a twin, we own this humble account, enjoy :). We love Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Castle, OUAT, Glee, Gossip Girl, Chuck, and anything about music. Music is the air that keeps us survive our emotional turmoil.

Every song, we do at a different location. Under the bridge. Chinatown. Rowing boat in Central Park. Whatever happens, we record it.

We get arrested?

Keep rolling.

Begin Again (2014)

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• so the Hunger Games books are basically just cruel irony


Katniss -  lost the one thing (Prim),  she was trying to save

Peeta -  didn’t want to be a “piece in their games” and was exactly that after being hijacked

Haymitch -  was a drunk to forget a terrible past, and when it was over, he still had all the same terrible memories, plus more terrible ones to drink away

Gale - accidentally wrecked the one relationship he cared about while trying to fix it

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Lily Collins as Rosie Dunne and Sam Claflin as Alex Stewart in the first teaser for Love, Rosie

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It’s funny because when you’re a child, you believe you can be anything you want to be, go wherever you want to go. There’s no limit to what you can dream. You expect the unexpected, you believe in magic, in fairy tales, and in possibilities. Then you grow older and that innocence is shattered and somewhere along the way the reality of life gets in the way and you’re hit by the realization that you can’t be all you wanted to be, you just might have to settle for a little bit less.

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This Is The End (2013)

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Peighton - S6 Bloopers

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